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 Download Birth/ Death Certificate online in Gujarat –eolakh. gujarat 

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Gujarat Government launch eolakh gate for download birth and death instrument online, Any Gujarat Citizen can apply online for birth instrument through this portal https//, Department is registering Birth and Death which take place in areas within the governance of Gujarat and issue the instruments to the applicant. who want to Download or get dupe of birth instrument online they follow below process. Now day Gujarat Government all services made easy to work online, no need to visit any zone office for birth instrument. First dupe is issued free of cost to applicant at concerned ward office. Citizen can get farther pukka laminated motorized duplicates from any City Civic Center after paying 5 Rs. per dupe. You must need register your child birth within 21 day to 30 day. 

 Now day all government services easy to use and without visit to any office because all service work online, you know introductory internet using also easy to use all government services. this instrument not bear any hand. it’s allow every position in Gujarat. 

How to Download Birth instrument online in Gujarat? 

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If your or your Child birth instrument lost also you want to apply new instrument in Gujarat please follow below process. 

First need to visit eolakh of Gujarat government functionary website https// After open website and click on “ Download Certificate”.

Now open new runner and scroll down, show download birth box and handpick birth option. now enter your details analogous as operation number or mobile number and time. if you do not know operation number also handpick mobile number option. 

Enter all details after Click on quest data button and show your name below list and download Birth instrument. 

Birth Certificate Gujarat 

According to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969, every death has to be registered with the concerned State or Union Territory within 21 days of its circumstance. The government has allocated Register General in the centre and Chief Registers in the States to help citizens to register the deaths. The following are the ways to register deaths 

Still, the head of the ménage is eligible to register the death in the concerned Registrar Office, If a death occurs in a house.

Still, the sanctioned person by the institution is responsible to register the death in the separate Registrar Office, If a death occurs in a sanitorium. 

Still, the jail in- charge can register the death with the concerned Registrar Office, If a death occurs in a jail.

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